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Carrie Rupprecht, MS1
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Carmel, IN
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Interdisciplinary Science at Purdue University
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I like to paint. It's its own kind of medicine.

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Tract Team

Filed under: Balance — Carrie Rupprecht on February 16, 2011 @ 11:31 pm

We’re studying the gastrointestinal tract along with hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders…which means we’re studying 51368 diseases with slightly varying names and symptoms. I like it so far, but I admit–I’m stressin’ a little bit. Thankfully, spring is on its way: Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, birds are chirping, ice is melting.

While it helps to have the hope of sunny days and sand volleyball, we need more tangible stress relief. So most of us love to exercise. If you have the discipline, medical school is a great way to get in physical activity. Simply do wall sits while reading. …Most of us opt instead to work out together in our free time. Some swim (the sharks), others of us run (the wolf pack), some of us are yogis, and the guys have a no-girls-allowed racquetball club.

This photo (courtesy of Andrea Kent!) is of some of us after a six-mile run in the freezing wind and snow. I think we liked it for the same reasons we like med school–kind of painful but challenging and even fun. (I’m training for my first Mini-Marathon; the others are veterans, and we also have an excellent triathlete in our class. He’s the real deal–is a vegetarian, likes Clif Bars, and everything. These people are so motivating!)

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