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  • Updates, sorry for my absence! October 23, 2014
    Hi all! First, I’m so sorry that I’ve been absent for so long, it has taken me awhile to get used to this 3rd-year life and settle into a routine. SO let me update you on some of the happenings in THIS medical student’s life. I have completed Anesthesia, Surgery-Subspecialty (Ophthalmology and ENT), General Surgery […]
  • Graduate Committees October 14, 2014
    Medical school prepares you to be a doctor. To be a doctor, you need to understand human health. You need to care for patients, diagnose illnesses, treat disease. Medical school, therefore, has a clear goal: teach students how to care, diagnose, and treat patients. To graduate from medical school you must demonstrate proficiency in each […]
  • The Final Season……….. October 10, 2014
    Hello There………   Its definitely been some time since my last post. As I get off my late night shift in the ED I decided today was the day to dust away the cobwebs on my neglected blog.   If I tried to give a full list of updates since my last post it would […]
  • MS2 Tips (thus far) October 10, 2014
    Sorry for the delay…the past few weeks have been a bit intense! As I mentioned before, we’re no longer on block schedule (that was sooo MS1). So we’re taking multiple classes at once. I assumed that meant we would have more time to learn material, which is technically true (because we have more time in […]
  • A New Standard September 10, 2014
    Hello again! We’re back in the swing of things here in Muncie. Being an MS2 is pretty different than being an MS1. First of all, we’re no longer on block schedule…so everything feels a lot more slow-paced (aka we don’t have a test every single week). It made the transition back to school easier since […]


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