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Teaching Professor Tips App

Filed under: Teaching Matters — Sarah Lang on July 7, 2015 @ 5:25 pm

You know that trusted colleague who always has a smart way of solving some of the stickiest teaching problems? The one who’s a rich repository of pedagogically effective techniques, new ideas, strategies that work and pragmatic things you can do in the college classroom?

Now you can access all that knowledge in a free app.

Get a daily teaching tip delivered to your smart phone or tablet with the new Teaching Professor Tips app. Brief and to the point, each tip provides a nugget of wisdom regarding assignment strategies, student engagement, classroom management, instructional vitality, and much more.

The free app lets you:

  • Get one tip every day (365/year)
  • Specify the time of day you want to receive your tip
  • Share favorite tips on social media or email
  • Send your own tips to the editor

Download the FREE Teaching Professor Tips app today!

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Kaltura—Manage your videos

Filed under: Technology Matters — Lorie Shuck on June 23, 2015 @ 11:15 am

The following information is provided by our partners in the IT Training division of University Information Technology Services 

Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system that can be used by anyone for creating, storing, publishing and streaming videos, video collections, and other types of media. IT Training will be offering a webinar on Kaltura: An Overview on July 14th from 1—2pm. This webinar will show you how to create, upload, manage and distribute media. The system integrates with Canvas, allowing faculty and students to create, upload, and share multimedia content with ease. Ideal for any class structure, Kaltura expands the reach and impact of traditional, web-enhanced, hybrid, flipped, and fully online courses.

With Kaltura, instructors can upload media and record the screen or webcam. These features allow them to:

  • Create video assignments
  • Increase active learning through guided lessons
  • Demonstrate concepts to help students better connect with material
  • Jumpstart discussions on course topics and concepts
  • Expand opportunities for critical thinking
  • Introduce themselves and their course to students before classes start
  • Instructors will also have access to a personal media repository, and each course section will have a dedicated media gallery. The gallery will bring ease to instructor/student, student/student, and student/instructor sharing.

What You’ll learn in this webinar

  • How to upload and download media in Kaltura
  • How to create media in Kaltura
  • How to edit media and create thumbnails
  • How to attach files to media
  • How to create playlists
  • How to share media with others
  • How to accept submissions from students
  • How to work with Mediaspace

You should be familiar with uploading and downloading files on the web to attend this webinar. If you don’t have those skills, consider first taking the workshop, Windows: Basic Computing Skills.

This webinar will be held online using Adobe Connect. You will need working speakers to hear the presenter. It is strongly recommended that you have a high-speed Internet connection to participate in this session. You can access the Adobe Connect room for this workshop at:

Date: Tuesday, July 14

Time: 1:00 – 2:00 PM, ET




Educational Affairs Restructure

Filed under: Education Matters — guestblogger on June 12, 2015 @ 2:06 pm

The following is an announcement from Dr. Jay Hess, Dean of the IU School of Medicine



As one of the nation’s largest medical schools, IU School of Medicine requires a robust infrastructure that will support how we select, matriculate, educate and administer programs to best prepare our students for careers as physicians, research scientists, and healthcare providers.

In examining the current Education Affairs structure, we determined a need to make changes in order to enhance enrollment, centralize curriculum management, and improve program administration in Graduate Medical Education, Medical Student Education, and Health Professions and Pre-doctoral programs.

The restructuring is prompted in part by (more…)

New Medical Student Letter of Recommendation Process for 2015

Filed under: Education Matters — guestblogger on June 2, 2015 @ 1:13 pm

The following is by Michael McKenna, MD, Assistant Dean of Career Mentoring, Associate Pediatric Program Director, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

Time never seems to stop here at IUSM. While it seems like Match Day was just yesterday and the graduation festivities for the Class of 2015 are still fresh in our minds, we also have an eye towards Match Day 2016 and the application season that will soon be starting up for the Class of 2016. As such there are some changes to the Letter of Recommendation process that will be taking place that all faculty need to be aware of.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has decided that starting with the upcoming 2016 Main Residency Match, medical schools will no longer be able to collect, handle or upload letters of recommendation for students. The reason for this change is that (more…)

Skill Session Volunteers Needed

Filed under: Education Matters — Butch Humbert on May 26, 2015 @ 11:04 am

The School of Medicine is seeking volunteer instructors to facilitate a technique-focused, procedural skills training day for our incoming 3rd year medical students. The objective is to educate all 340+ incoming 3rd year students about common procedural skills before they are encountered during various clinical experiences throughout the state. (more…)

Service Learning in Medical Education

Filed under: Education Matters — guestblogger on May 18, 2015 @ 12:57 pm

The following was provided by Lisa Christy, in the Office of Medical Student Affairs,

The IU School of Medicine has always prided itself on its ability to not only train excellent physicians, residents and fellows, but also in its ability to be a part of the surrounding communities and make a difference in the lives of people across the city, state and the world. Through efforts such as, IU Student Outreach Clinics, Global Health and many other programs, our school has been able to affect change in the lives of thousands of people. (more…)

New CCSC Course Equivalency Guidelines

Filed under: Policy Points — aladd on May 13, 2015 @ 11:48 am

New Course Equivalency Guideline with Credit Hour Assignments and Contact Hour Targets to Take Effect Academic Year 2015-2016

As was discussed and approved at the March 2015 and May 2015 meetings, the following guidelines address LCME standard 8.7 (Comparability of Education/Assessment): “A medical school ensures that the medical curriculum includes comparable educational experiences and equivalent methods of assessment across all locations within a given course and clerkship to ensure that all medical students achieve the same medical education program objectives.”

The first of these are the (more…)

Video Management Webinar

Filed under: Technology Matters — Lorie Shuck on May 7, 2015 @ 5:17 pm

The following information is provided by our partners in the Learning Technologies division of University Information Technology Services 

Kaltura is a cloud-based video management system for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media. The system integrates with Canvas and Oncourse, allowing faculty and students to create, upload, and share multimedia content with ease. Ideal for any class structure, Kaltura expands the reach and impact of traditional, web-enhanced, hybrid, flipped, and fully online courses.

With Kaltura, instructors can (more…)

Student Duty Hour Policy

Filed under: Policy Points — guestblogger on April 30, 2015 @ 1:03 pm

As was approved at the April CCSC meeting, the following is an update to the Student Duty Hour Policy.  It has been included in the UME Policies as well as in the MSA Student Handbook, and will be disseminated to students through MSA.

Student Duty Hour Policy

This policy is intended to address student duty hours while on clinical rotations (including on-call) at the Indiana University School of Medicine affiliate hospitals and clinical facilities. It is intended to maximize student learning opportunities while balancing their need for clinical experience and exposure. (more…)

SRPAM: expanding biomedical research opportunities for IUSM medical students

Filed under: Research Matters — guestblogger on April 24, 2015 @ 3:59 pm

The following is a guest post by Nadia Carlesso, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Director of the IUSM  Student Research Program in Academic Medicine.2

Forty-eight students from the IU school of Medicine will be engaged this summer in performing biomedical research at the bench through the Student Research Program in Academic Medicine (SRPAM).

For thirty years, the Indiana University School of Medicine    (IUSM) has provided medical students with opportunity to actively engage in research activities during the summer. Reinvigorating the program in 2008 with a new name SRPAM, I have focused on a mission to involve as many medical students in the outstanding research opportunities in our School at the end of their first year on campus. (more…)

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