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New IUSM HTML templates now available

Filed under: Development,Uncategorized,Web Templates — Greg Polit on October 27, 2011 @ 11:53 am

For those IUSM web developers not using the Concrete5 CMS, the web team has put together a set of HTML templates to use for websites within the School of Medicine.

The HTML templates can be downloaded from the following link:

IUSM Nexxt HTML Templates

Effective date: October 27, 2011

Photoshop templates are provided in the zipped file for creation of identifying banners. If you would like them created, please forward requests for these to Jeramy Spurgeon.

IUSM redesign preview

Filed under: Development,Web Templates — Tags: , , , — Marti on June 21, 2011 @ 3:38 pm

Join us if you can at noon on Friday, June 24, to discuss the new look for fall; namely, the handsome, ready-to-wear web templates for IU School of Medicine websites.

We are assembling in Daly 186, Polycom channel 2218511. Chat starts at noon. We filter out around 1.

Here’s the preview:

See you there,


Concrete5’s Expander block for FAQ pages

Filed under: C5 Addons,Development,Hands-on session — Tags: , — Marti on April 6, 2011 @ 11:35 am

For short-answer frequently asked questions, Concrete5 has a handy tool for creating attractive, easy-to-read FAQ pages. Called the Expander block, it lets you create a list of questions with hidden answers.

Users can easily scan the questions and click on the ones they need an answer to. Readers can click on the arrow to reveal, then hide, the answer.

C5's Extender block makes handsome FAQs.




If you do not see the Expander block as an option when creating a page, go to the Concrete5 Dashboard/Add Functionality. Click “Install” to add Expander to your list of block options.

Web redesign project timeline

Filed under: Development,Miscellaneous,Web Templates — Tags: , , — Marti on April 4, 2011 @ 2:16 pm

It’s nearly summer, time for a web beautification project. The new medical school web templates, slated for availability in fall, will modernize our web pages’ look — with a minimum of effort by IUSM webmasters.  Most changes will appear on Concrete5 sites automatically. (Questions? Contact Marti LaChance.)

right_arrow.jpg For current project status, you are in the right place:  the IUSM Web News Blog.

right_arrow.jpg To view templates under consideration, visit the critique and comment site.


March 30
Draft templates open for public comment and submissions.

April 15
Final day to submit comments and submissions.

April 22
New template designs will be previewed at the April 22 webmaster brownbag. Open to comments online.

May 2
Begin designing usability tests.

May 16
Round 2 comments due.

June 6
Begin the build-out of alpha design templates.

July 13 to Aug 5
Conduct usability testing on alpha templates.

August 19
Final revisions will be previewed at the August 19 webmaster brownbag. Designs open for public comment.

August 31
Public comment period closed.

September 1
Build out one or more beta sites.

October 17
New templates available for use in Concrete5.

November 1
New HTML templates available for non-Concrete5 users.

New IUSM Template Previews and Critique – Clarification

Filed under: Development — Tags: — Greg Polit on March 31, 2011 @ 11:10 am

During our webmaster brownbag on Friday March 25, I hastily sent out a link to the preview site for our template redesigns so that our remote attendees could follow along. Although I provided clarification to the attending group, I did not do so here and would like to take a moment to point out a few items.

The preview site presents template ideas. There are several variations on design, and none of these are considered the final template. They have been offered up to you for input and critique. The Critique site allows for three actions by you:

  1. Add a note – by clicking the +Note button, you can draw rectangles directly onto the images to denote areas that you like, or would like to comment on more specifically.
  2. Favorite – by clicking this link, you are denoting this particular template idea as one you favor. Using this feature will help us determine which template idea to expand upon further.
  3. Add Comment – For more lengthy or general comments that do not require pointing out a specific area.

When commenting, help us by being constructive. Instead of simply saying that you don’t like something, offer ways to improve the feature or design element.

You must login to the site to perform any of these actions, though you may view responses without logging in. As of now, I’ve only added users that are members of this list, but if you would like others in your area to have the ability to make comments or notes, please send me their email addresses and I will add them to the site.

Design remixes or additional ideas are welcome and will be added to the site for comments and suggestions.

To answer a few questions that I’ve received:

  1. Why are all of the templates blue?

    During our brownbag meetings, we discussed having colored template themes. The initial ideas submitted represent  a blue theme, but other variations would also be offered, based on the secondary palette outlined in the IU visual identity guide:

    1. These templates all show the horizontal navigation as the primary navigation bar. Will I have to change my site drastically to conform?

      No. While these templates do focus on the horizontal bar as the primary navigation, options will be made available to have a left column primary navigation. However, if you prefer the horizontal primary navigation, you may need to shorten your primary links and/or group like items together into a more general category. For example, if you have the following as primary  or ‘top level’ navigation links:  Staff | Faculty | Students consider combining these into a single People link.

    2. Can I submit my own remix or idea?

      As mentioned above, yes. These will be added to the critique site so that others will be able to comment on them as well.

        For those that have already taken advantage of the critique site, thank you. Your comments and suggestions are very helpful!

        As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email Marti or me.


        Global site redesign underway

        Filed under: Development — Tags: , — Marti on March 14, 2011 @ 2:28 pm

        For a sneak peek, be sure to attend the March 25 Webmaster brownbag:

        When: March 25, noon to 1:00
        Where: Daly Center 185
        Polycom: 2218511

        Jeramy’s Redesign Wishlist

        Filed under: Development,Miscellaneous — IUSM Administrator on January 6, 2011 @ 11:48 am
        1. Use the 960 Grid CSS framework as the skeleton of the design.
          –This will provide a solid solution for rapid development, flexibility, and scalability.
        2. Use the HTML5 doctype
          –This will prepare us for implementing HTML5 specific functionality in the future, though the presentation layer will remain virtually the same.
        3. Use the Rule of Thirds when possible for dividing elements of the layout.
          –It will appeal to the eyes since this is a natural and subconscious aesthetic.
        4. Create templates that incorporate all of the major menu navigation options (especially allowing horizontal menu as the main navigation)
        5. Providing a method for creating Super Menu options. Example in the top menu here (the large box on hover effect):
          –This could greatly improve our users’ ability to find information on our sites.
        6. An icon repository of royalty-free, stylistic icons.
          –Icons can greatly increase the wow factor of a page. Example here
        7. A Contact Sheet Page Type
          –Quickly create pages like this simply by choosing a File Set.
        8. Variety in the color schemes used, while still maintaining compliance to the IU Visual Identity.
        9. Create a library of CSS classes that will quickly allow users to stylize various elements on a page.
          –drop shadow boxes, table formatting, etc

        Redesign wishlist: is est exorsus

        Filed under: Development,Miscellaneous — Tags: , — Marti on December 8, 2010 @ 12:49 pm

        Okay! I’m officially starting a list of items to consider in the IUSM web redesign, which will begin formally this spring.

        • the ability to sort pages by category
        • a blog page type (template)
        • a pull-quote widget (for news stories or feature pages)

        Comments are enabled, so feel free to add your own ideas.

        New Multi Page Tool Available [Updated]

        Filed under: C5 Addons,C5 Mods,Development — IUSM Administrator on October 29, 2010 @ 4:27 pm

        For those lamenting SiteMaker’s ability to quickly add many pages to your architecture at once, weep no more!

        We’ve developed a new tool that will allow you to add many pages to your sitemap in one easy step.

        The new tool is called Add Multiple Pages. There are a few steps in implementing this, but don’t worry, it should be relatively painless.


        To install:

        1. Login
        2. Click on Dashboard
        3. Click on Add Functionality
        4. In the right column, click Install next to the Add Multiple Pages package
        5. Click on Sitemap. The new Add Multiple Pages button is in the horizontal menu bar.

        Now, if your screen (monitor) resolution is less than 1280 pixels across, you will have problems seeing the new button. You’ll need to uninstall then reinstall the Sitemap Extension package (which is a good idea anyway because we’ve updated that too!). The Sitemap Extension package provides the Draft Pages and Pages in Edit Mode horizontal menu options in the Sitemap.

        To update the Sitemap Extension:

        1. Click on Add Functionality
        2. In the left column, find the Sitemap Extention package (yes this is misspelled since it was developed by a Japanese developer. It will get fixed upon re-installation.)
        3. Click Edit
        4. Click Uninstall Package
        5. On the next screen, click Uninstall Package again (DO NOT check the box!!)
        6. You will be taken back to the Add Functionality screen. Look for the Sitemap Extension package in the right column. (now spelled correctly!)
        7. Click Install
        8. Click on Sitemap and you will now have a single Page Statuses link in the horizontal menu bar!

        Developers, download the new packages here:

        Add Multiple Pages tool

        Yamanoi Sitemap Extension (IUSM revised version)

        Note: there was a slight error in the initial version of the Add Multiple Pages package which did not trim white space from the page name upon adding pages resulting in no toolbar for editing added pages. This has been fixed and the download reflects the latest version.

        Dec 15 Deadline for new Concrete5 sites

        Filed under: Development — Marti on October 8, 2010 @ 4:59 pm

        The headline says it all.

        That give us two months to migrate content. We can do it!

        If you have problems or questions, please contact Marti or Jeramy. We are happy to help.

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